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Game News

The original Red Vortex Commandos (RVC) was formed in the early 1990's; by a group of friends living in Southern Maryland; that played the West End Games Star Wars Roleplaying Game. The team, under the guidance of Hamilcar Barca and originally known as Hamilcars Hammers, was an elite commando unit charged with undertaking the most sensitive, and most dangerous missions for the Rebellion. The original members were 
Andragoras al'Mandragoran, Chazin Tenerac
Crawan Blakavar, Dalamar Nightbringer, Dante Algamest, Kurkston Brave, Ro'Khan Zi'Yon, and Valcor Frostreaver. These "First 8," bonded by blood; forged a path through utter pain and annihilation to further the needs of the Rebellion and to help bring peace to the war torn galaxy. Their exploits earned them a place of honor among the Rebellions leadership, 

Years later, the RVC was re-formed once again, this time to battle its foes in the Star Wars Galaxies universe. Lead by one of the "First 8," Kurkston Brave, the RVC-SWG once again emerged as a true Force in this new incarnation. Further expanding on the decorated history of the RVC, were dedicated members like Athept, Ian Atticus, Gharr, Jaidala, Kaiyn Lotus, Rockett and Stardeck; These brave individuals brought the RVC into a place of reverence, whose plights and struggles took the RVC to new, and unfathomable heights. 

Now, years later (or years before - many, many years before) the RVC has returned. Some faces are new, some faces are old. Some faces have been around since the beginning. Here, in this time, and at this moment, history will once again be made. The only question that remains is who will you stand with? 

Guild News

Darth Malgus Defeated

Hrafn, Apr 7, 12 11:46 AM.
The RVC has achieved another milestone. In the wake of the Battle of Ilum, last week, a small unit of RVC attacked the prototype Imperial Space Station; base of operations for the False Emperor. The Crack unit fought their way through stations defenses, to the Throne Room and confronted Darth Malgus there. After a long fight, Malgus was cast down the central shaft of the station, presumably dead.



Kurkston, Mar 29, 12 9:14 AM.
The Red Vortex Commandos are looking to increase their members.  We need to increase our ACTIVE membership.  Currently the guild has 28-29 members, but usually only 5-6 are online most nights.  We need to get more active players in the guild, especially if we want to start running some of the high-end runs that take 8+. 

If you know of anyone that plays that you think would make a good fit for our group, invite them to teamspeak.  Invite them to PVP Mondays, or ask if they can join us in a Warzone or Flashpoint raid.  We're always looking for fun people to play with!

RVC takes on Force Ghost on Ilum

Kurkston, Mar 29, 12 9:09 AM.
RVC members Kurkston, Hrafn, Neass, Ian, Corvel, and Clenchface travelled to Ilum last night to take on the Force Ghost.  Although he had a lot of hit points, he was no match for the seasoned veterans.  From there, the team moved on to Belsalvis to take on the Primary Destroyer, the world boss.  With the assistance of a few others randomly invited to join, the RVC took out the world boss on their second try.  Congrats and thanks to all members involved!

SD-0 Goes Down!!!

Hrafn, Feb 23, 12 10:57 AM.
The World Boss on Coruscant, SD-0, was defeated by a small RVC Ops group last night!!! Good job to all of those involved!!!

+10 All Stats Datacron Run

Kurkston, Feb 11, 12 6:30 PM.
Yo gang,

We're looking for folks that want to make a run at the +10 to all Stats Datacron.  It takes at least 5-6 to do.  I'm pretty sure we can do an OPS groups and take up to 8.

In order to attend, you must first visit the vendor on Alderaan.  The vendor is located at 1867, 1088 (south of Tarlarn Outpost).  Purchase the Magnetically Guided Grappling System (MGGS).  This is a unique item, so you have to travel there yourself to get it.  No one can go and pick up another one for you while they're there. 

Once you've purchased the grapple gun, comment on this post as to which nights you are available.  We're trying to focus on either a Flashpoint night (Wednesday), or a Friday or Saturday night.  Once we get enough replies, a night will get scheduled, and all included will get notified of which night to be on.

In order to accomplish said mission, we'll all need to be in Teamspeak as well, so be prepared for that.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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